Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Blister Pack Tag - Specialty Hard Tags

We are going to keep exploring specialty security tags.

The Blister Pack Tag

The Blister Pack Tag is good for small to medium sized pre-packaged products. What is nice about this hard tag is that in the past there where items that you could only use a security label on or you had to buy them source tagged if you wanted them protected. Checkpoint stickers and UltraMax labels are great but they are no hard tag. The Blister Pack Tag is so versatile, used to protect cell phone accessories, ink cartridges, batteries, computer accessories, pharmacy needs, sports products, home goods, hardware, HDTV cables and accessories, etc. Think of the possibilities, any boxed, clear plastic packaged, or item that is meant to be hung.

This retail security hard tag will save you time by eliminating the need to lock down your merchandise and allow you to openly display the product. No more putting customers on hold while you go unlock the display case only to have someone look at the item for 5 seconds and say “oh, thanks” as they hand it back.

The Blister Pack Tag works with both Sensormatic Acousto-Magnetic UltraMax technology and Checkpoint 8.2 MHz Radio Frequency retail security detection systems.

Product Features:
Fits Most Display Pegs
Weight: 0.035 oz
Frequency: 58 KHz / 8.2 MHz RF
Pull Force: Up to 180 lbs.
Product Code: UNI-BP

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Golf Tags The New Generation

I want you to meet Herman the Retail Security Golf Club Tag.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Herman the Golf Club Hard Tag looks a lot like Flurman the Wine Bottle Tag from an ealier episode.

Well, you are right! Back in the day, the sports store was forced to protect against shoplifting with the same retail security tag as the liqueur store. It was a dark time then, before Robin of Loss Prevention was there to save the small retailers and Josh Kleins of the world.

But now it is the second coming of the quickening and electronic article surveillance (EAS) is evolving to fit any anti-shoplifting need. I present the Retail Loss prevention Golf Club Hard Security Tag.

The tag is specially designed for golf clubs. It is light weight and padded on the inside. Compatible with both Sensormatic Loss Prevention and Checkpoint Security Systems. That’s what I said, Acousto-Magnetic and 8.2 MHz Radio Frequency.

Some EAS stores call this an Eagle Tag. It does look like an eagle. I’ve heard of a screaming eagle. I call it a Herman Merman Tag. OK, enough non-sense!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sensormatic SuperTag Combo

What’s so great about EL-200?

Well for starters it’s a Super Tag, there are so few that items that are so great that they have to put the word super in it. We got super glue, pretty good stuff. There is the super bouncy ball, I mean come on they don’t get any bouncier than that. Let’s not forget my personal friend Superman; we all know what a stand up guy he turned out to be.

The EL200-G is a SuperTag, but it is not just any super tag is grey Combo SuperTag. The Combo super tag is one of those double threat security tags, it works with both Sensormatic UltraMax technology and Sensormatic Microwave security systems.

Retailers watch out, EL200-G has a twin. EL200-B is a black Combo SuperTag. These 2 are identical in every way except color. The combo tags enjoy stopping shoplifters, Sensormatic power detachers, and ink pins.

Stores that have continued to grow over the years may have started out with Microwave security systems. They were the best systems on the market at one time and as you continued to open new stores Sensormatic stopped manufacturing Microwave loss prevention equipment. Your new stores started using Sensormatic UltraMax technology to prevent shoplifting and retailers were faced with an expensive dilemma, pay a lot now upgrade the security systems in all the older stores or pay a fortune in servicing outdated technology knowing that inevitable the systems will have to be changed.

With the Combo supertag retailers with both microwave and ultramax retail security systems can save money by only have to purchase one type of tag. Eventually when the time comes to junk to old loss prevention systems you won’t have to throw away and replace thousands of hard EAS tags.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sensormatic Security Tag Guide

We are going to match EAS Tag names with their product numbers to help people find the correct Security tags for them. Many companies make it so difficult to find what you're looking for and that is why Robin of Loss Prevention is there.

Sensormatic Hard Tags:

Super Tag II - ZL300-GNP for Grey or ZL-300BNP for Black.
AMT-3030 Alarming SuperTag - ZLSTALA-T, AST-6500 self-alarming tag, tack version or ZSTALA-L, AST-6500 self alarming tag, lanyard version.
SuperTag Plus - ZL202-GNP for grey or ZL202-BNP for black.
SuperTag Combo - EL200-G for grey Super Tag Combo or EL200-B for black
SuperTag Ultra J - JLZSTF-MG Super Tag Ultra J only comes in grey.
SuperTag Mini - ZLSTMIN Super Tag Mini only comes in grey.
UltraGator - ZL91BXP Ultra Gator Tag only comes in grey.
AMT-1000 Tag - ZL31-G only comes in grey.
UltraLite CA - ZLULT-L for Ultra Lite CA hard tag or ZLULT-T for UltraLite Triangle CA hard tag.
Mini Hard Tag - ZL50-XP non-adhesive or ZL50-AP with adhesive.

All of the Hard EAS tags above are compatible with Sensormatic UltraMax technology and the Super Tag Combo also works with microwave security systems. Sensormatic has stop producing Microwave loss prevention systems and MicroGator microwave tags; however there are lots of refurbished Micro Gator Hard tags available and even some knock-off microwave tags.

Sensormatic labels:

Soft Tag - ZL60-1 white, Zl60-2 Barcode, or ZL60-3 custom.
UltraStrip III - ZLDRS1 white, ZLDRS2 Barcode, or ZLDRS5 Black
Ultra Strip II Narrow- ZLLFNSLE1 white, ZLLFNSLE2 barcode, or ZLLFNSLE5 black
UltraStrip III Microwavable - ZLDRM1K43 red with text warning or ZLDRM7K3 White with no print.
Ultra Strip III Low Profile - ZLDRLT9K1 low tack or ZLDR9K1 regular tack.

Sensormatic paper labels are also known as UltraMax stickers Ultra Max soft tags. Sensormatic never produced a security label for their microwave retail security systems.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The wine bottle eas security tag

Almost everybody enjoys a nice glass of wine from time to time, but how do I stop shoplifting in my upscale wine bar? Or in my liqueur stores?

Bottle security tags are the answer.

This EAS bottle security tag is perfect for wine, champagne, and liqueur bottles. The bottle tag has a locking steel core that tightens around the neck of the bottle. Use a magnetic detacher to remove the remove the security tag.

If your location is high end I would recommend the Sensormatic Door-Max system. This system is aesthetically appealing and does not get in the way of customer traffic. If you own a large liqueur store go with the Digital ProMax by Sensormatic. If you store is more boutique size try the Checkpoint strata or liberty loss prevention systems.

When you buy loss prevention equipment remember to check for security system compatibility. I have seen the bottle EAS tag for both Checkpoint and Sensormatic systems. Make sure your discount retail security tag store has the right one for you.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Clam Tags Baby, Clam Tags

You are probable thinking what the hell is a Clam Tag?

No, this is not a XXX rated blog. Clam tag can be extremely useful and bring additional layers of security to your retail store. To understand the clam tag you need to know the clam tags nature.

Take the cone pin for example, why are cone pins better than the flat head pins? Every time you tag your clothing the cone pin locks in a little part of the item inside the head of the pin until you detach the sensor tag.

What does this really mean? If a shoplifter is somehow able to get an article out of the store when they attempt to cut out the pin they will in fact cut off some of the item. Similar to the benefit denial that you get from ink pins/tacks leaving a stain on the clothing most people are not going to wear something with a hole in it.

The clam tag amplifies this buy encompassing an even larger are of the retail item. Clam Tags come in two main sizes, mini and large. The mini is less expensive and about 5/8th the size.
You can see from the picture how the top half with the pin is able to cover a good amount of space. Believe me if a shoplifter cut that tag out of the clothing it leaves I huge hole. I have on occasion tried a hammer or beating the crap out of the tag to break it off and every time I have failed. These tags do not work with a normal security tag detacher either, they require a Super Lock Detacher.

Clam Tag are compatible with 8.2 MHz RF and also Acousto-Magnetic technology. Make sure you ask the salesmen before you purchase them to make sure that tag they are selling you are compatible with your retail security system. I have seen the identical clam tags that have different compatibilities. Checkpoint systems work with 8.2 MHz RF and Sensormatic security systems use Acousto-Magnetic or microwave. Clam tags are not microwave compatible.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Checkpoint Mini Hard Security Tags

HD TV is awesome, and no one is complaining about the hi-def crossover into monitors. CCTV is a huge part of retail security, but it is only one aspect loss prevention. This is security tag month and we wouldn’t want to leave anyone hanging.

The mini hard tag is one of the most popular security tags on the market. These 8.2 MHz RF security tags are small and versatile.

Retail security needs to cover a wide scope of products: from foot wear to winter coats and even the fragile items like lingerie the checkpoint compatible mini hard tag security tack can handle it.

These sensor tags are small and light weight without sacrificing performance. It can be used with flat head pins, cone head pins, or ink pins/tacks.

Mini hard tags are typically 8.2 megahertz RF tags, compatible with most Checkpoint, Ketec, Sentech, or other 8.2 MHz retail security systems.

A CCTV side of Retail Security

We recently had to redo our office, we got all new computer and new furniture but the best detail of all was the 32 inch LCD monitors we put up everywhere. Like everyone else I researched my heart out on the web and tried to find out what was the best one to get. Do you go with plasma or LCD? What manufacturer should I pick? What’s the best $$$ deal?

I felt like I looked for a week, like I had searched and view every web page out there. I finally found 2 good sites. The first one had reviews and answers to those hard questions, along with history, uses and best of all when I finally decided what specs I wanted for my specific use I was able to order it from a wide variety of TV/monitors that fit my needs.

Of course I searched all the big boys (Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Dell, HP, etc) to make sure I was getting the best price, and Hidefster beat them all.

The other site was also very informative but not as complete.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great Things To Come!!!

Welcome to 2006!!

There are many great things to come this year, a Miami Hurricane national championship being the most obvious.

2006 is the year of the retailer, and January is the month of the Security Tag. This month Robin will bring the needy everything they could possible want to know about security tags.

For a change we will start, not end with my favorite security tag: The Sensormatic SuperTag. The Super Tag is exactly that…SUPER; they are the best tag on the market.

Sensormatic Super Tags feature:
1. Unique, spring gate clamp technology.
2. Reinforced interior for wear and tear.
3. Lightweight slim design.
4. Compatible with Ultra Max systems

They are aesthetically appealing and come in black or light gray. Light enough to use on lingerie and strong enough to use on sports equipment. The Sensormatic SuperTag can do it all, and does.

Most importantly it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling you can only get from a Sensormatic security system, or a bottle of J. Walker Blue.