Monday, January 16, 2006

The wine bottle eas security tag

Almost everybody enjoys a nice glass of wine from time to time, but how do I stop shoplifting in my upscale wine bar? Or in my liqueur stores?

Bottle security tags are the answer.

This EAS bottle security tag is perfect for wine, champagne, and liqueur bottles. The bottle tag has a locking steel core that tightens around the neck of the bottle. Use a magnetic detacher to remove the remove the security tag.

If your location is high end I would recommend the Sensormatic Door-Max system. This system is aesthetically appealing and does not get in the way of customer traffic. If you own a large liqueur store go with the Digital ProMax by Sensormatic. If you store is more boutique size try the Checkpoint strata or liberty loss prevention systems.

When you buy loss prevention equipment remember to check for security system compatibility. I have seen the bottle EAS tag for both Checkpoint and Sensormatic systems. Make sure your discount retail security tag store has the right one for you.


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