Sunday, January 08, 2006

A CCTV side of Retail Security

We recently had to redo our office, we got all new computer and new furniture but the best detail of all was the 32 inch LCD monitors we put up everywhere. Like everyone else I researched my heart out on the web and tried to find out what was the best one to get. Do you go with plasma or LCD? What manufacturer should I pick? What’s the best $$$ deal?

I felt like I looked for a week, like I had searched and view every web page out there. I finally found 2 good sites. The first one had reviews and answers to those hard questions, along with history, uses and best of all when I finally decided what specs I wanted for my specific use I was able to order it from a wide variety of TV/monitors that fit my needs.

Of course I searched all the big boys (Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Dell, HP, etc) to make sure I was getting the best price, and Hidefster beat them all.

The other site was also very informative but not as complete.


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