Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shrinkage and You

What is shrinkage?

And I am not taking about George and the pool!

Every retail store is a target for theft, if you do not believe me it is OK there was a time when people believed the world was flat.

Realizing that people steal is much easier than grasping that the world is round.

Top five stolen items:
1. Jeans
2. Any product that is not tagged with security tags
3. CDs and DVDs
4. Anything that can fit under a coat.
5. Anything that can be stuffed in your pants

People steal, the sky is blue, and if you do not beleive it the theives will laugh at you!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Retail security false alarms

I have a retail system and I am having trouble installing it.
I have an EAS system and it is false alarming
I have a loss prevention system what do I need (electrically).

New retail security systems are much easier to tune than the older models, technology as hade a huge difference, however companies like Sensormatic and checkpoint are switching to systems that only they can tune. This allows them to sell the systems cheap and make it up on the service. There are still Checkpoint compatible systems that can be self installed and tuned. Asks a good used loss prevention specialist and they will the good systems.
New_Retail_Security_SystemThe first step to any retail security system is to have a licensed electrician come out to your store and run an isolated line with a proper ground preferable on it is own circuit to an outlet within 10 feet of the exit. Use a 3 conductor BX cable with 110-15amp. This is the standard so you should not have to say anything to the electrician but it is always worth checking.

This may not be the ultimate solution; however it should be the first step. All retail security system should have be an isolated line for optimum performance. If you having false alarms make sure there is no tagged merchandise within 3 feet of your system. Do not plug any other items into the outlet that the system is plugged into. Neon lights within 5 feet of a retail security system can cause interference. There are lots of situations that can cause “noise” or interference with your detection system and the security tags.

Monday, April 03, 2006

New Vs Used

I want a NEW retail security system for my store, but I do not want to pay with my first born. What can I do?

Checkpoint charges over $2800 for a new system; and then they have to install it for another $1500 maybe more.

Sensormatic, nice equipment but the systems start at $3500 and they charge more than Checkpoint for installation.

There are a lot if used system out there and the prices are reasonable, still I would like new loss prevention system.
As we all know not all systems are the same, so do not get caught on some thing that looks great but works like shit. Research the type of system EAS you need. A good refurbished EAS retailer should know what antitheft devices work the best.

Remember you can lead a horse to water but you can not make it throw stones at a glass house.