Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great Things To Come!!!

Welcome to 2006!!

There are many great things to come this year, a Miami Hurricane national championship being the most obvious.

2006 is the year of the retailer, and January is the month of the Security Tag. This month Robin will bring the needy everything they could possible want to know about security tags.

For a change we will start, not end with my favorite security tag: The Sensormatic SuperTag. The Super Tag is exactly that…SUPER; they are the best tag on the market.

Sensormatic Super Tags feature:
1. Unique, spring gate clamp technology.
2. Reinforced interior for wear and tear.
3. Lightweight slim design.
4. Compatible with Ultra Max systems

They are aesthetically appealing and come in black or light gray. Light enough to use on lingerie and strong enough to use on sports equipment. The Sensormatic SuperTag can do it all, and does.

Most importantly it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling you can only get from a Sensormatic security system, or a bottle of J. Walker Blue.


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