Monday, August 15, 2011

Vigilance is often rewarded...

Frackville Pennsylvania was recently the site of an all too common occurrence these days. Police officers arrested a women attempting to steal a Sensormatic hand detacher. Obviously her intent was to use the detacher as a shoplifting tool. Colleen G!$*&@e was at the Schuylkill Mall Kmart when she gave in to temptation and snatched the hand detacher from behind the counter. Luckily store loss prevention officers were on their game that day and apprehended the thief as she attempted to flee the store. There are two key points to take from this story. One, always protect your Sensormatic detachers. Secure them to the counter or keep them locked up. A stolen detacher is a guaranteed loss. Two, vigilance does pay off. Watch those cameras and those customers. In this economy assume everyone is tempted to steal.