Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who's Steaing What?

When is the best time to buy a retail security system?

You should probably wait until the first time someone steals $600 worth of merchandise, or maybe wait until they hit your retail store a second or third time. Better yet, your retail store can institute an honor policy. (lol)

The harsh reality is that people steal; and the ones shoplifting the most are people you would never expect. The nice mother browsing the store with her 3 kids, do you think there is something she would not do for them? The rich actress who has more than most, why would she ever risk anything . . . can you say WYNONA? Caught ShopliftingIf you are moving into a new location then get your retail security system before you open. Make sure your ready for the big day; you do not get many chances at a Grand Opening. Secure all of your goods with sensor tags. Shoplifters are ruthless and target retail stores quickly. If your store has been open for a while and you have finally pulled you head out of your ass get your retail loss prevention system today!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Stylus Tag, A.K.A. Millitag, AMT-1000, & Pencil tag

Stylus tag
Awesome overall tag! The Stylus tag is lightweight and small compared to the Sensormatic Supertag and UltraGator, approximately 2 inches long and 0.5 an inch wide. Stylus, Pencil, Milli, or AMT . . . whatever name you call it by the tags use a ball-clutch lock, and require a magnetic detacher to remove the pin from the sensor.

Best security tags uses:
1. Swimwear
2. Lingerie
3. Clothing
4. Shoes and foot wear

Stylus tags, Pencil tags, and Millitags are all available in 58 KHz AM for Sensormatic systems, and 8.2MHz RF for checkpoint and checkpoint compatible systems. The tags can be ordered in special Radio Frequencies like 1.8MHz and 4.8MHz. The Sensormatic AMT-1000 sensor tag is compatible with Sensormatic 58KHz Acousto-Magnetic (AM, or UltraMax) antitheft systems.

Friday, July 14, 2006

UFO tags

This is a great all around hard tag, The Ovni security tag is designed for checkpoint and knogo antitheft systems. Great all around hard tag for retail clothing stores. UFO security tags use a plastic cone pin to secure the article, and require a magnetic detacher to remove the pin. This sensor tag is available in 8.2MHz, 1.8 MHz, and 4.6MHz.
UFO tagThese tags are also referred to as: UFO tags, Satellite tags, Ovni tags, Dome tags, Large round tags, knogo tags, saucer tags. Knogo tags will operate on the 1.8MHz frequency, while the majority of Checkpoint systems will be tuned to 8.2 MHz. The tags are available in 4.6 MHz as well so check with your retail security tags distributor to make sure that you receive the correct frequency for your anti shoplifting system.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dry Donkey is all Sourced out.

Security Cat: have you heard?

Marume Tomei: what?

Security Cat: Dry donkey is looking to open 70 new stores and will be source tagging once they are set up.

Marume Tomei: I thought Dry Donkey was on that old school stuff.

Security Cat: They still are, and will be for some time still; however sourcing is the future. It is a whole new high. Soon all the stores will be sourcing. What will happen to security tags? There is no room out there for a Best Security Industries, with their army of MicroGators.

Marume Tomei: Someone once told me, Scrap them off Clair, if you want to same someone save yourself! Marume Tomei

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July & NRA

Happy independance day to all!

Most of you are thinking NRA? Are we going to have some fun with rifles on the 4th? Not exactly, National Retail Association (NRA). If you missed last months players no fret, brief recap for you:

1. Security Tag Store
2. Security Tag Store
4. Ahhhh yes

Yes, yes, we know, biggest conference of the year, can't hold anything back. And that is everyone in Minnesota was saying Security Tag Store.