Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sensormatic Security Tag Guide

We are going to match EAS Tag names with their product numbers to help people find the correct Security tags for them. Many companies make it so difficult to find what you're looking for and that is why Robin of Loss Prevention is there.

Sensormatic Hard Tags:

Super Tag II - ZL300-GNP for Grey or ZL-300BNP for Black.
AMT-3030 Alarming SuperTag - ZLSTALA-T, AST-6500 self-alarming tag, tack version or ZSTALA-L, AST-6500 self alarming tag, lanyard version.
SuperTag Plus - ZL202-GNP for grey or ZL202-BNP for black.
SuperTag Combo - EL200-G for grey Super Tag Combo or EL200-B for black
SuperTag Ultra J - JLZSTF-MG Super Tag Ultra J only comes in grey.
SuperTag Mini - ZLSTMIN Super Tag Mini only comes in grey.
UltraGator - ZL91BXP Ultra Gator Tag only comes in grey.
AMT-1000 Tag - ZL31-G only comes in grey.
UltraLite CA - ZLULT-L for Ultra Lite CA hard tag or ZLULT-T for UltraLite Triangle CA hard tag.
Mini Hard Tag - ZL50-XP non-adhesive or ZL50-AP with adhesive.

All of the Hard EAS tags above are compatible with Sensormatic UltraMax technology and the Super Tag Combo also works with microwave security systems. Sensormatic has stop producing Microwave loss prevention systems and MicroGator microwave tags; however there are lots of refurbished Micro Gator Hard tags available and even some knock-off microwave tags.

Sensormatic labels:

Soft Tag - ZL60-1 white, Zl60-2 Barcode, or ZL60-3 custom.
UltraStrip III - ZLDRS1 white, ZLDRS2 Barcode, or ZLDRS5 Black
Ultra Strip II Narrow- ZLLFNSLE1 white, ZLLFNSLE2 barcode, or ZLLFNSLE5 black
UltraStrip III Microwavable - ZLDRM1K43 red with text warning or ZLDRM7K3 White with no print.
Ultra Strip III Low Profile - ZLDRLT9K1 low tack or ZLDR9K1 regular tack.

Sensormatic paper labels are also known as UltraMax stickers Ultra Max soft tags. Sensormatic never produced a security label for their microwave retail security systems.


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Bill Maier said...

It was about time, i was waiting for someone to do this.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A: rectangular shape EAS-label with two small holes in the upper paper layer.

Q: what is a senelco microwave label?

They are rather large and don't allow distance deactivation. There's a second generation, smaller labels wich are the same size as the 'active' part of a Microgator. You will find one inside your Sensormatic detacher (at least my Mk200 has one).

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