Sunday, January 08, 2006

Checkpoint Mini Hard Security Tags

HD TV is awesome, and no one is complaining about the hi-def crossover into monitors. CCTV is a huge part of retail security, but it is only one aspect loss prevention. This is security tag month and we wouldn’t want to leave anyone hanging.

The mini hard tag is one of the most popular security tags on the market. These 8.2 MHz RF security tags are small and versatile.

Retail security needs to cover a wide scope of products: from foot wear to winter coats and even the fragile items like lingerie the checkpoint compatible mini hard tag security tack can handle it.

These sensor tags are small and light weight without sacrificing performance. It can be used with flat head pins, cone head pins, or ink pins/tacks.

Mini hard tags are typically 8.2 megahertz RF tags, compatible with most Checkpoint, Ketec, Sentech, or other 8.2 MHz retail security systems.


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