Saturday, February 25, 2006

Checkpoint Security Label Deactivators

Checkpoint Deactivators are easier to choose from than Sensormatic Deactivators. Checkpoint has several different models. But the decision you need to make is beep or no beep.

Ok, you are not following me.

If you want the deactivator to beep (not when you deactivate a security tag) when a hard tag is near the deactivation pad, then your decision is BEEP. All the beep really does is let you know the deactivator is on and working, oh and raise the price.

So, if save some money go with no beep and the functionality is the same only you have to look at the power pack to see if the green light is on to know if it is powered up.

Do not worry about the model, they can all be use in POS systems and are all similar in visual style. The most common models are the: counterpoint IV, counterpoint V and counterpoint VII. All of these are checkpoint deactivators and work on paper labels, soft tags, and security stickers.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Deactivate security tags?

This the Sensormatic Compact Pad Pro Deactivation Pad. Great countertop model for deactivating Sensromatic UltraMax labels
Deactivators can be a large part of your retail security system, or they could be useless. Look at a video store for example, you would think every DVD or video has a security tag (UltraMax label or checkpoint soft tag). That being the case a deactivator should be standard, NO. Video stores don’t want to deactivate the tag when a customer checks out a movie; they would have to put a new label on every time the movie got returned. This would take hundreds of hours or manpower.

Instead they want to have their checkout designed so they can pass the movie around the system. The customer picks up the movie after they walk through the detections system. This inexpensive build out just saved thousands or dollars in manpower.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Chrome Magnetic Hard Tag Detacher

With the money companies lose to shoplifting how you can not purchase retail security equipment. Even if you are not ready to buy an entire loss prevention system, there are affordable EAS solutions. You could use ink pins (see ink pin article) with a magnetic bubble backer. By using magnetic backers you allow the use of magnetic detacher to remove the Tags. Here is a good detacher to use; it can be mounded to the counter to stop it from wondering off.

Ink pins will cost you about $330 and magnetic bubble backers are $250, both items typically come in quantities of 1000. The new chrome magnetic detacher shown costs about $85, so for a grand total of around $650 you can protect your store from shoplifting.

Ink tags can work independently from a detection system or use them for pins to other tags that work with your retail security system.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Super Lock Detacher - Do It All Detacher

Since we are discussing magnetic detachers we need to mention the Super Lock Detacher. This is the most powerful magnetic hard tag detacher on the market! If you are not sure which type of detacher you need to remove your security tag just get this.

The super lock detacher is compatible with Checkpoint, Sensormatic, Knogo, and any other hard tag that requires a magnetic detacher. If your store uses ink pins with magnetic backers this detacher will work. The Super Lock magnetic detacher will save you time with its incredible strength. You should be able to pick one of these up for around $115; however I’ve seen them listed as high as $150.

Monday, February 06, 2006

New Magnetic Detacher - Ckeckpoint & Knogo

Peep this.

This is a magnetic detacher. Stronger than the previous chrome magnetic detacher we showed you, this detacher is great for mini hard tags, large hard tags, and ink pins with magnetic nipple backers. This new counter mount detacher will probably work clam tags or golf tags however, if you are using clam tags or golf tags to protect you store I recommend the super lock magnetic detacher. Again, this is a medium strength magnetic detacher.

This detacher has a durable plastic case that is designed to be attached to the counter. There are 2 holes precut into the outer edge that can be used to tighten own the detacher, or there is a spot in the center of the base that can be used to screw down the detacher. You should be able to pick up this new magnetic detacher for somewhere in the $80 range, some more expensive shops sell them for around $100.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Magnetic Detachers

This little guy should be screwed down to the counter next to the register. I always recommend keeping a magnetic detacher in the back encase something happens. If you do not have a backup and you lose your primary one at the register you will not be able to take tags off the merchandise.

This detacher is perfect for mini hard tags and Large Hard Tags. Overall the unit is a little on the weak side so it will not work with every retail security tag, but it is a good place to start. The Mini Hard Tag and the large hard tag are the most common for Checkpoint loss prevention systems.

Most tags will note in the description what type of detacher to use.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Drift Away Profits

Guess what my Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) junkies?

It is Febbbbbbrrrrrrrrruuuuuaaaaaaarrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy, and that means that the month of the security tag is over. So to bring in this new era I have a little song for you.

Drift Away Profits

Day after day they steal more stuff
When I look through my inventory at the end of the day
I know there’s some stuff that’s gonna be gone
And I’m feeling the shoplifting blues
Ain’t it a shame
Give me the hard tags, to protect my store
Don’t want to lose my merchandise to a shoplifter at all, and have to close the door.
Oh…give the EAS tags to protect my store
I gotta stop shoplifting or I’ll have to close the door
Begining to think I should have done this before
I don’t understand why I waited so long
Damn shoplifters can be so un-kind
I’m counting on HarryG Security
To get me through…
Oh….give me the security tags to protect my store
I don’t want to see my profits walking out the door
Yeah…Give me the hard tags to protect my store
I’ll prosecute shoplifters to the full extent of the law and more
When my store is full, you can steal from me with ease
The Sensormatic alarm is soothing me
Thanks for the security EAS gives me
I want you to know I believe in HarryG
Security tags, detachers and deactivators
You’ve helped me along
Making EAS strong….Oh (everybody)
Give me the security tags to protect my store
I ‘m tired or seeing my profits walking out the door!