Saturday, February 25, 2006

Checkpoint Security Label Deactivators

Checkpoint Deactivators are easier to choose from than Sensormatic Deactivators. Checkpoint has several different models. But the decision you need to make is beep or no beep.

Ok, you are not following me.

If you want the deactivator to beep (not when you deactivate a security tag) when a hard tag is near the deactivation pad, then your decision is BEEP. All the beep really does is let you know the deactivator is on and working, oh and raise the price.

So, if save some money go with no beep and the functionality is the same only you have to look at the power pack to see if the green light is on to know if it is powered up.

Do not worry about the model, they can all be use in POS systems and are all similar in visual style. The most common models are the: counterpoint IV, counterpoint V and counterpoint VII. All of these are checkpoint deactivators and work on paper labels, soft tags, and security stickers.


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Hey security tag guy. Wuz up with you. You got the sensormatic or what?


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