Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Chrome Magnetic Hard Tag Detacher

With the money companies lose to shoplifting how you can not purchase retail security equipment. Even if you are not ready to buy an entire loss prevention system, there are affordable EAS solutions. You could use ink pins (see ink pin article) with a magnetic bubble backer. By using magnetic backers you allow the use of magnetic detacher to remove the Tags. Here is a good detacher to use; it can be mounded to the counter to stop it from wondering off.

Ink pins will cost you about $330 and magnetic bubble backers are $250, both items typically come in quantities of 1000. The new chrome magnetic detacher shown costs about $85, so for a grand total of around $650 you can protect your store from shoplifting.

Ink tags can work independently from a detection system or use them for pins to other tags that work with your retail security system.


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