Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The most expensive part of your retail security systems...cont.

Part 2

We promised you the ultimate Cheat sheet for understanding the relationship between your exit and your retail security system. Know your exit, know your exit, know your exit!

In this episode we will explain the Sensormatic acousto magnetic side of the industry. Sensormatic offers a wide variety of retail loss prevention systems: Ultra Post II, Digital Pro Max, Euro Pro Max, Euro Max Plus. Their security systems are known as the best in the industry and are proven to work in the toughest environments.

1. Ultra Post II – The UltraPost II is a transceiver. This means a single post can cover 3 ft in either direction (2.5 ft to be safe). Best use is as a multi post system, linking 2 pedestals together to cover a 6 ft exit. 2 antennas can be used to cover up to a 9 ft exit, and 3 towers can cover up to 15 ft, Ultra Posts should not be placed more than 6 ft apart. Alarms are both visual and audio.

2. Digital ProMax – The Pro Max is also a transceiver, this system can cover a 4 ft exit. 2 pedestals can be linked together to cover up to a 16 ft exit (12 ft to be safe). Do not place antennas more than 8 ft apart. 3 towers can be linked to cover up to 24 ft. The Digital ProMax is designed for high traffic areas and has both visual and audio alarms.

3. Euro ProMax – The Euro Pro Max is built on the same principle as the Digital Pro Max. It will cover the exact same distances, but was designed to be more aesthetically appealing. Perfect for those high traffic areas where looks are just as important as performance. Two antennas can cover up to a 16 ft exit, 3 towers can cover up to a 24 ft exit, Pedestals should be mounted no more than 8 ft apart. The Euro Pro Max had both visual and audio alarms.

4. EuroMax Plus – This system was designed for areas where appearance is the most important concern. Two antennas are meant to be linked together and can cover up to a 5 ft exit. This security also has both visual and audio alarms.

All of these Sensormatic security systems work on UltraMax technology, and are compatible with the Super Tag, SuperTag II, UltraGator, Combo Tag, and all Ultra Max Ultra-Strip Labels.

May your merchandise be safe and your shoplifters prosecuted.


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