Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sensormatic Digital DoorMax Security System

Happy holidays to all. We are just into Hanukkah and I have already received the best gift of all, my dream security system.

The Sensormatic digital Door Max, it has both visual and audio alarms and is the on of the smallest antenna systems on the market. This dual antenna Sensormatic system can be mounted on just about any surface: metal, wood, concrete, glass, wallboard, etc.

Yes that's right door frames and walls, meaning no mess floor mounting. No Drilling into tile, or cement floors. You'll never have to destroy your entrance again.

The Sensormatic Digital Door-Max Security System works on UltraMax technology and is the most aesthetically appealing antenna solution on the market. This dual antenna security system can cover up to a 6 ft exit. It is 72 in. Long, 2 in. Wide, and 9.5 inches in depth.

No matter what system you get, EAS is gift that keeps on giving. Month after month security tag systems stop shoplifting and prevents theft.

To recap compatible Sensormatic security tags: Super tags, Ultra Gators, and Ultra Max labels.


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