Thursday, July 30, 2009

The State Of Retail Security...

There are certain security systems that must be deployed in order to maintain a low theft environment. The following are essential to the maintenance of profitability:

1. Electronic Article Surveillance - Retail security tags and the antennas that detect them at the entrances and exits of a retail store.

2. CCTV - Closed Circuit Television is the security camera, monitoring and recording set up use to surveil a retail store.

3. Burglar Alarm - Motion detectors, window and door monitors that alert the police if someone has entered the store at unauthorized hours.

These three elements should not be viewed as optional. Technology has made these loss prevention solutions possible. Failing to take advantage of any of them will make you vulnerable to competitors with a healthier bottom line. Cell phones are no longer an option to the business person. If you are out of touch you can not compete with those who are in touch. Security measures are as essential to a retail store as a cellular phone to a traveling salesman.


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