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Sensormatic Electronics Corporation is owned by Tyco, and part of their Fire & Security division. Sensormatic is one of the leading manufactures of EAS (electronic Article Surveillance equipment in the world. Sensormatic has maintained it dominance over the competition through it 1500+ patents. Sensormatic sells its new products through dealers across the USA. Sensormatic dealers are limited to selling ONLY Sensormatic products within a territory that the Sensormatic Corporation selects. Sensormatic is definately the Bentley of the retail security industry and has the price tag to match. This has led to a huge market for used or refurbished Sensormatic products. Companies like Security Tag Store are able to sell refurbished (close-to-new) Sensormatic detection systems, tags, and eas accessories at a huge discount to small and large retailers. Another advantage to companies like is that they are not limited to Sensormatic products; they are able to offer Sensormatic equipment along with Checkpoint, Congo, Ketec, etc.

Most popular Sensormatic products: The UltraMax technology that Sensormatic products use operates on a 58Khz frequency with the exception of some of their old EM (Electro-Magnetic) and Microwave anti-theft systems.

Sensormatic UltraMax Detection Systems -

Sensormatic UltraPost
Sensormatic Promax
Sensormatic Euro-Promax
Sensormatic Digital Promax
Sensormatic Doormax

Sensormatic Security Tags -

Sensormatic SuperTag
Sensormatic UltraGator
Sensormatic MicroGator
Sensormatic AMT-1000 (Stylus tag)
Sensormatic Ink Tags

Sensormatic Security Tag Detachers -

Sensormatic Super Tag Power Detacher
Sensormatic SuperTag Hand Detacher
Sensormatic Gator Tag Power Detacher
Sensormatic Gator Tag Hand Detacher



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