Thursday, June 07, 2007

NRF Loss Prevention Expo in San Diego

The Loss Prevention Conference & Expo is next week at the San Diego Convention Center, and it is no surprise that all the big 3 will be there. If you are new to the blog the big 3 are: Sensormatic, Checkpoint Systems, & Security Tag Store. Rumors are circulating now that all the hype will be around booth 435.

I have it from an inside source that booth 435 has the best deals in the country on refurbished Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems brand security gates and sensor tags. Every year they have a low profile booth and the best pricing around; some say it is because they are a no frills type of company that would rather pass the saving to the consumer. It could be that they think they have the best product at the lowest price and don't need a oversize booth to boast about. you know that old saying about people who get a big booth....

Maybe it all comes down to the killer streets of Hewlett Harbor?

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