Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Checkpoint Labels

There is one source on the internet where you can get almost any Checkpoint brand label. HarryG Security is an authorized Checkpoint Systems dealer. They carry the full line of Checkpoint Labels and they have special pricing for security stickers and labels that they acquire through liquidations. If you need hard to find sizes or standard barcode labels they have it all. Sometimes you may even find them at unheard of closeout prices. also sells close out Sensormatic labels and refurbished sensormatic equipment. Being able to source fairly priced labels for both Checkpoint and Sensormatic security tag systems from one vendor can save time and money. Shipping costs are a major factor in the total tagging process. Every case of labels or stickers that ships on its own instead of being bundled with other labels is adding costs to the bottom line. If your warehouse orders both Checkpoint and Sensormatic products this is a viable provider for all your loss prevention needs.

Checkpoint labels are the most versatile EAS security labels in the marketplace. Checkpoint manufactures their security labels to exacting specifications and with the highest standards. Checkpoint labels are the most trusted RF labels in the world. Many competitors have tried to mimic the Checkpoint Label but non have been able to duplicate the technology that makes Checkpoint number one. The EP2410 label is a great example of Checkpoints dominance. No other 8.2 RF label in the world can deliver the pick rate of an EP2410 at the size of 1.0” x 1.1”. The EP410 label also sets the standard at its size of roughly 1.5” x 1.5”. Checkpoint labels come in a variety of sizes and shapes but there quality does not waiver. If it’s Checkpoint you know it’s going to work.


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