Monday, November 20, 2006

Theft in Spain

Our favorite evil empire (Tyco) is working on source tagging lingerie in Spain. ADT and Grupo Cortefiel have teamed up to establish source tagging in a well known lingerie chain. Read more

The goal is to save time and money as well as allow employees to focus on their jobs. The questions is: will the cost of one time use tags = savings or disaster? If you source with a label it should only cost you a few cents per tag, but those labels can ripped out in the store. If you tag your merchandise with visible source hard tag it can very costly.

By using source tags are you freeing up your employees to focus on their job or just giving them more time to goof off? Everyone has been in a store where you can see the sales staff doing anything but their job; there are 5 employees standing around not helping customers and you have to approach them just to buy something.


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