Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ultragator, Ultra Gator, Ultra*Gator, Maxtag II

Sensormatic developed the UltraGator, one of the best tags ever created. (here is a pic if you are unfamiliar) All Sensormatic sensor tags have the Sensormatic logo branded on them.
UltraGator sensor tagThe Ultra*Gator is compatible with All Sensormatic Ultramax anti-theft systems. The locking mechanism is what this tag so much better than magnetic ball locking tags. The pin can only be removed by MK75 Gator hand detacher or an MK90 Gator power detacher.

Can you tell which tag is pictured below?
Maxtag IIThis an Ultra 58, also known as a Maxtag II. The Ultra 58 contains the same materials as the Sensormatic UltraGator and functions exactly the same. The only difference is the Sensormatic logo that is not branded on the tag. Oh, that's right a new Ultra 58 will cost you a fraction of the price of a new Sensormatic branded Ultragator.


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