Monday, March 06, 2006

We have covered many DETACHERS in the past and still people ask the age old question of how to remove Ink pins and security tags. We are going to explore the answer and look at a Sensormatic detacher.

Here is the MK 75, a hand held hard tag detacher:

The MK75 is used to remove the pin from Sensormatic Ultra Gators and MicroGators. The MK 75 is not compatible with any other type of tag, Sensormatic or other. Like all other Sensormatic detachers the MK75 has a built in security chip that sound the detection system at the door is one is brought in or out of the store and NO the chip can not be removed.

So, why are we taking about Micro Gators and UltraGators? Sensormatic makes the Super Tag and if you are looking to protect your store from shoplifting use the SuperTag!

Well the Gator style hard tags from ADT (owns Sensormatic) are great for backers to ink pins. They are relative cheap in comparison to other new hard security tags and give added security by using a special detacher . . . the MK75

If you are looking to remove security tags or ink pins make sure to know what type of detacher you need, because security tags can be removed without the proper detacher, especially sensormatic tags.


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