Monday, October 16, 2006

Players and Haters

There will always be players on one side and haters on the other. Haters are jealous of the players, when as we know it is the game they should hate.

Does this mean that players love the game? Not always the case, the Players just see and understand that there is a game you can either play it or sit back and wish you were good enough.

How does this translate into Retail Security and Loss Prevention? To most shoplifters stealing is just a game, it is not done out of necessity. It could be the rush, or a sense of entitlement, or they see a great opportunity (a store without EAS).

Yes, some do shoplift out of necessity but they are the minority. The shoplifter that grabs $2000 in clothes from Chicos, are they stealing out of necessity? How about the person who grabs a couple hundred dollars worth of wine from Publix?

Some Players - People and Companies that see the world for what it is.
1. Sensormatic
2. Wal-Mart
3. Sears
4. K&G Fashion Superstore
5. Security Tag Store

Some Haters - People and Companies that can see the world for what it is. Maybe their head is just too far up their ass!
1. Chicos and White House / Black Market...NO EAS
2. Veritas from Loss Prevention Blog...head up ass
3. Costco...NO EAS
4. Publix...NO EAS
5. Bath & Body Works...NO EAS


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